Friday, June 6, 2014


Summer is in full swing here in Philadelphia. Trying to take some time to get back to my roots and get back into the swing of things. I have been working lots, but still finding time to do what I love.

Seems like 2k14 is the year of BALANCE. It's absolutely the motif of my life.

Here's a peek into my off-time lately.

Quilt Market in Pittsburgh with my Momma.
Check out her beauties at:
xx   xx
You'll probably be as obsessed as I am!

Lounging in the sun on my favorite blanket from Bali. 

Lots o' YOGA. 

New pal, Floyd. 

Packages from Spell & Gypsy.  

My sweet boi. 

My little escape, Terrain at Styer's. 

And National Donut Day paired with my fave floral skinnies. 

Go listen to some Lana, pick some flowers, and daydream in the sun. Summer is here. 

"She was gracefully dancing in the waves. She finally understood how you could feel so detached from the world, yet be at one with it." 


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